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Kashiwa Hand Clinic

Our Mission

Our specialized hand surgery doctors will work with you to understand and treat your hand injuries or diseases in a clear and natural manner, together.

The hand is an extension of the brain that allows humans to put their thoughts into action. We often take our hands for granted, but when they do not function correctly, we quickly realize their importance and necessity. Our doctor's concept is to provide care that is understandable, natural, and collaborative. Let's work together to treat and heal your illness or injury.

Our clinic specializes in hand orthopedics.

Rehabilitation by Hand Therapists (Occupational Therapists)

At our clinic, we provide rehabilitation services by hand therapists (occupational therapists). We assist in pain relief, functional recovery of injured areas, and strengthening muscles after surgery.

Collaboration between Hospitals and Clinics

We work closely with hospitals and clinics to provide treatment based on the patient's condition. If necessary, we will refer patients to a core hospital. We also accept patients with difficult conditions that are not treated in general orthopedics.


Toshikazu Tanaka M.D.

  • Japanese Orthopedic Association Certified Specialist
  • Japanese Society for Surgery of the Hand Certified Specialist
  • Selected as Best Doctor in 2022 and 2023

The hand is part of the brain that extends from the body. It is a tool given to humans to execute their thoughts.

We tend to take our hands for granted, but when they become disabled, we realize their importance and necessity. As a physician, my concept is to understand the disease or injury more simply and naturally and to treat it together.

There are three keywords that support this concept:

  • 1. Mind and body are separate things.
  • 2. Every body has a carpenter.
  • 3. The body follows the laws of nature.

1. Mind and body are separate things.

Your body belongs to you, but it is not you. Throughout history, physical and mental health have been regarded as separate entities. The hand, like any other part of the human body, follows the laws of nature, but your mind has a significant influence on it.

2. Every body has a carpenter.

Have you ever noticed that a mosquito bite or a scratch heal without your notice when the itch or pain disappears? Every body has a carpenter that heals diseases and injuries. We, as physicians, simply assist them. We put casts or perform surgeries to make it easier for carpenters to work. However, it is the carpenters inside you who actually heal your fractures.

3. The body follows the laws of nature.

You probably know the natural law that "water falls from high places to low places." If you keep your hand in a plaster cast for too long, you may get bleeding in your fingertips because of gravity. When you lift your arm above your head, blood flows down from your shoulder.

This website explains various diseases related to the hand. Although treatment may be necessary, understanding the disease can help you control it. Please feel free to use this website.

Let's get well together.

Clinic information - Consultation Hours and Access

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★: Surgeries are primarily scheduled for the morning
Closed: Mondays, Sundays and Public Holidays

TEL: 04-7164-2825
We prioritize appointments, so please make a reservation before visiting.
Please make a reservation by phone.

Postal code: 277-0005 4-8-1 Kashiwa, Kashiwa City, Chiba, Japan, Kinko Building 3F 3 minutes' walk from Kashiwa Station East Exit


Please make a reservation before visiting our medical facility.

Due to current congestion, it has become difficult to handle patients who visit our clinic directly without an appointment. If you would like to receive treatment, please be sure to make a reservation by phone at 04-7164-2825.

You can also make a reservation online, so please use this option as well.


Medical Bills

Non-Japanese public health insurance holder

  • Residents in Japan: 100% medical bill
  • Non Residents: 200% medical bill

Medical Certificate for insurance

  • Japanese: ¥3,000 without tax
  • English: ¥3,000 without tax

Payment options

  • Cash(Japanese yen)